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Why Choose Seisnetics?

We Deliver What We Claim:
Genuine Artificial Intelligence For Geoscience
That Brings Real Benefits

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Optimize Your Time & Resources

  • Seisnetics Software Suite quickly and automatically extracts all relevant features from any 3D seismic volumes.
  • Without human guidance or prior data knowledge, information extraction is only one mouse click away.

Making the most out of your time is crucial.
Today, more time is spent processing and extracting features from seismic data than is spent understanding potential for commercial opportunity. By utilizing the Seisnetics Software Suite, your team will be able to spend their time focussed upon the significance of the observations revealed from a database of automatically generated features and objects.

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Maximize The Value Of Your Assets

  • Seisnetics Software Suite can be applied to 100's of volumes and TB's of data rapidly delivering consistency and corporate compliance for entire seismic libraries.
  • As 100% of the data is analyzed, the databases generated offer unprecedented data mining opportunities across your corporate library.

As humans our perception of the world is based upon what we can see. There is undoubtedly a great deal of information "unseen" in every 3D seismic dataset held in your companies' corporate database. Seisnetics unbiased AI tools allow us to "see" this new information, enabling you to transform it into knowledge and opportunity.

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More Efficiency, More Prospects,
More Success

  • Seisnetics Software Suite captures both regional and prospect details at the same time from single or multi-volume input.
  • Subtle details automatically extracted, enable the potential for the identification of more leads and prospects.

Efficient analysis of your 3D seismic volumes is an essential requirement to optimize investment to divestment decision-making. Seisnetics Software Suite provides value in analysing the prospectivity of new venture areas to the identification of missed opportunities within existing known areas of production.

What Our Clients Say

Last weekend the first oil was produced from Laverda to the Ngujima Yin via a 30km subsea pipeline. Laverda is part of the greater Enfield project which would not have progressed without the Joint Venture becoming aligned on the Laverda canyon architecture following the impartial interpretation provided by your Seisnetics software. This took the human element out of the discussion and allowed us to show our partners the potential of the oil field.
Mick Micenko , Chief Geophysicist MITSUI E&P Australia, August 2019

Game-Changing AI

We Design Unbiased Tools:
Only Data-Driven
Fully Trained AI.

Fully Automated & Fast

Seisnetics provides the geoscientists with AI-driven tools allowing users to detect and capture more valuable information from big and complex seismic datasets.


Solutions are data driven meaning NO models, simplifying assumptions, data training or human guidance required.


At the heart of our technologies: Modified Genetic Algorithms are used and form the foundation of our suite of Unbiased Tools for extracting both large scale and very subtle detail from any volume without any prior knowledge.

Trustful & Accurate

By extracting fully data-driven and unbiased information, we provide the geoscientists with a reliable, consistent and unbiased set of databases from their 3D seismic volumes.


From this stable foundation, your company can collectively start working through potential geological scenarios maximizing and growing your team’s unique knowledge-bases.

Extracting The Most Valuable Information At Every Step Of The E&P Cycle

Fast-Track Screening Of Large Datasets For New Ventures
Impartial Interpretation For Final Investment Decision
New Prospect Identification & Reservoir Delineation
QC Processing & Hazard Assessment