New Tools For New World

Company Background



New tools for a new world

Inspired by the Human Genome project, sequencing 3.3 billion chemical base pairs, Mr. Nabil Tnacheri invented and patented an Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning based solution to automatically extract features from seismic data.

After years of fine tuning the technology, we completed the development of an extremely robust software solution (both Linux and Windows), that can handle very large sized volumes as well as analyze multiple volumes simultaneously.

In 2018, SEISNETICS-FZ LLC was co-founded in the United Arab Emirates.

Seisnetics technologies are quickly gaining market attention and have been adopted by a fast-growing community of diverse users (NOCs, IOCs, Independents and Contractors).

Seisnetics Co-founders:
  • Mr. Nabil Tnacheri (Research & Development),
  • Mr. James Dirstein (Geoscience Expertise & Tools design)
  • Mr. Lionel Lhommet (Management & Strategy)

Vision – Mission – Values

Our Vision


Leverage On AI & Big Data
To Invigorate The Evolving 0&G Industry

  • Today the Exploration and Production Industry is changing at an accelerated pace. The ability of a company to move at speed, reduce costs and remain agile is more important than ever.
  • Traditional technologies do not easily scale with larger datasets and as a result are producing diminishing returns.
  • There is a need for Innovation, leveraging on Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Automation … that produce increasing returns.

Our Mission


Make Sure You Extract All Key Information
From Your Seismic Data

  • We put users at the center, building solutions that they need and trust.
  • We deliver timely and cost-effective solutions enabling the faster extraction of high value features from any seismic data.
  • We do not train the machine based upon our personal bias and limited perception of reality: the machine’s consistency and mathematical rigor reveals the information within the data.

Our Values


Leverage On Innovation,
Strengthen Collaboration, Bring Added Value

  • We give users access to the latest AI technologies, as traditional technologies and geoscience workflows have already reached their limits.
  • We provide a platform that generates collaborative solutions and helps teams to share and build upon their collective knowledge base.
  • We bring added value through time saved, automation of manual processes enabling improved decision-making, thereby avoid costly mistakes.