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We Address Your Challenges:
Any Seismic 3D: The Bigger The Better,
Is Explored Efficiently & Quickly.

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Seisnetics Software Suite

  • Seis-H For Horizon Extraction (currently Available)
  • Seis-F For Fault Extraction (is now Available)

Fully Automated & Fast AI

  • 100 % Automatic
  • Runs in minutes, at the most in hours for very large datasets
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Unsupervised & Unbiased

  • No guidance, no parameters, no seed, no training
  • Eliminates any subjectivity from the extraction process
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Trusted & Accurate

  • 100% data-driven
  • Extracts features with details beyond standard resolution

User-Focused & Collaborative

  • Designs to meet the Geoscientist needs
  • Helps teams to share and build upon their collective knowledge together.


We Widen Your Horizons :
From Regional To Prospect Scale,
We Bring To Light Any Viable Surfaces .

Extremely Fast Extraction Of Virtually All Horizons

  • Seis-H automatically extracts almost every peak and trough surfaces from your seismic volume.
  • The processing is extremely fast and fully unsupervised, relieving your geoscientists from the tedious task of extracting features from the seismic data, and therefore enabling them to spend more time for interpretation
  • The surfaces and their associated attribute maps are compiled into an easily accessible visual database and are accessible through the interactive Visualisation software
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Get The Most Out Of Your 3D Seismic Data

  • Seis-H extracts almost all the horizons in a 3D volume, allowing 100% of the seismic data to be examined, meaning previously underexplored areas and potentially missed opportunities can be analyzed.
  • Having almost all the horizons and attributes close at hand allows further in-depth analysis… at both a regional and reservoir-scale.
  • Seis-H built-in tools allow for the examination of single surfaces or specific zones of interest.
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Rapid Detection Of Leads

  • Seis-H interactive and queryable database of surfaces and their suite of attribute maps allows for the rapid screening of the data.
  • Seismic Facies Mapping through sub-waveform analysis can be used to identify stratigraphic domains within your data including stratigraphic Traps, Seals and Reservoirs units.
  • Subtle features are automatically characterised, enabling the identification of more leads and prospects.


We Deliver What We Claim:
Genuine Artificial Intelligence
For Seismic Fault Extraction

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Next-generation of Fault Extraction Application

Seismic faults, whatever the size, are more than simple discontinuities on a seismic image, they depict "planar breaks" in the geological layers. In light of this definition, we developed and implemented a different approach that extracts the faults from the seismic data and the horizons computed by our Horizon Extraction AI.

  • Seis-F is completely unsupervised and only data-driven.
  • Seis-F does not require any "questionable" learning or the "step backwards" manual labelling.
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Extremely Fast Extraction Of Virtually All Faults

Seis-F automatically extracts almost every fault plane object from your seismic volume. Seis-F is 100% automatic and works in 2 steps:

  • The extraction of all the fault polygons (large and small) from all the horizons. Each fault polygon is defined by its geometry and a throw map. This helps characterize better fault planes.
  • The "grouping" of all the fault polygons in fault planes taking into account the fault polygons properties: geometries and the throw maps and also the seismic data (as is) exactly as would do a seismic interpreter.
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Go Further With Your Structural Model

  • Interactive and queryable database of faults and their suite of attributes allows for the rapid screening of the data.
  • The fault polygons can be used to identify structural domains within your data including traps.
  • Built-in tools allow for the examination of single faults or specific groups of faults.